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A selection of programmes from Community Television Stations on the island of Ireland.

One Two Three O'Leary

A documentary exploring street games in Cork that were played in the past and what games young people play today.

The Last Statue Maker in Cork

A film about the life and work of Maurice O’Donnell, sculptor and statue maker from Cork and the story of some of his creations.

Tadhg Barry

A documentary about Tadhg Barry (1881-1921) and his involvement in areas such as journalism, the GAA, labour politics, the Irish Volunteers and the Irish Transport and General Worker’s Union.

Fords - Memories of the Line

Telling the story of life on the assembly line at Ford’s car manufacturing plant in Cork which operated from 1917 to 1984 and the impact of its closure on the men, their families and the city of Cork.

Our Barracka Part 1

This episode explores the social history of Barrack Street in Cork and its place in the development of Cork city.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin 2023

An interview with the Lord Mayor of Dublin from DCTV.

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